1. How robust is a zeroxuse watch?
  2. What if condensation appears under the sapphire glass?
  3. How water resistant is a zeroxuse watch?
  4. Where can a zeroxuse watch be serviced or repaired?
  5. What does my warranty cover?
  6. How do I change the strap on my watch?


  1. How robust is a zeroxuse watch?

Our watches are designed to be worn everyday. However, activities that involve very strong vibrations and repeated impacts should be avoided when wearing a zeroxuse watch. Repeated sharp impacts can have a negative effect on the watch movement or cause permanent damage.


  1. What if condensation appears under the glass lens?

If your watch experiences a sudden change in temperature or pressure, slight condensation may appear under the lens. This mist should disappear by itself if the watch is left to sit in a cool, dry place for several hours and there should be no adverse effect on the watch’s function. If condensation persists, please contact us.


  1. How water resistant is a zeroxuse watch?

The water resistance of a zeroxuse watch is always stated in atmospheric bars (ATM) on the case back of the watch. This rating is a measure of static pressure that the watch is able to withstand. This does not directly translate to water resistance at a certain depth (i.e. 100 metres) below sea level, which is used elsewhere in the watch industry for dive watch ratings.

ATM water resistance is purely a measure of resistance to pressure (i.e. how well the watch unit is sealed) and does not take into account the presence of moisture or water or the activity or environment the watch is being used in, which could affect and exceed the rated ATM value.

Please note that the water resistance of any watch is not a permanent characteristic. Seals and sealing systems, in particular, are subject to wear and tear and natural ageing. The following guide outlines acceptable usage for the ATM ratings of our watches:



Exposure to high humidity and light rain showers is acceptable. Avoid wearing the watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any other activity where it may be subject to abnormal water pressures or environments where heat and moisture are present.



  1. Where can a zeroxuse watch be serviced or repaired?

For advice on the service or repair of a zeroxuse watch that is in or out of warranty please contact us with full details of your enquiry


  1. What does my warranty cover?

Your watch is warranted by zeroxuse for a period of five years from the original date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty. The zeroxuse warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects on the movement. The warranty comes into effect if you have a copy of the receipt, this is required for proof of purchase. The warranty does not cover battery life as battery life may vary due to weather conditions it may be exposed to.


  1. How do I change the strap on my watch?

Changing your watch strap is a quick and easy process that can be done in just a few seconds. Just push down the quick-release splint on the back of the strap to remove it. Do the same to attach the new strap.